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An Ever Changing World: The Cloud

The idea of the cloud is taking off, but is it something that is dependable?  The whole point of the “cloud” is so that a user with multiple devices can have files stored on server space, be available on all of the devices that they own, it’s a great idea. Every five to ten years or the industry changes how we store our data.  Floppy disks, CDrs, DVDrs, when will they have a be all end all form of storage.  All of our media storage options for the last 20 years have been based on some form of magnetic technology.  Anything magnetic in nature has a tendency of degrading over time.  These magnetic based storage options, DVDrs and BLUrs all have a roughly 7 year life span, something I can personally attest to.  It is scary to look at a disk that is undamaged to the naked eye only to find that it being stored and not used, has resulted in your media full of unreadable sectors(errors).

There are ways of attempting to salvage data off of aging material, but the majority of the times it ends up not working.  I had a 1TB drive go down, I ran a data salvage program on it, after two days straight running on a 2.6ghz quad core processor, there was no data to be saved.  The only real safe way we have of preserving our data is to make multiple copies all the time in the hope that you will have a functional version when you need it.   I am familiar with the hassle, and cost factor that comes into storing massive amounts of data, being a photographer I am creating roughly 6gigs of data each time I shoot with my camera.  There is always the argument that I don’t end up using 80% of the files that I shoot, but I still keep all the images.  The cheapest hard drive storage to cost ratio that I have seen is 1TB for $60.00 that price plus a $15.00 outer shell so it becomes an external hard drive….total price per TB is $80 after taxes.

Now when it comes to the cloud, I would rather have the option of doing what ever I would like with my data.  With the recent cyber attacks on Sony and now Nintendo, it is proof that no data in this day in age is truly secure.  So I personally will not be storing anything on the cloud, I feel much safer being in control of things that I pay for or create.  Love it or hate it, its something to consider.  I am using apple as recent example due to their announcement with iOS5 utilizing the cloud.  Although Apple is not the first to use cloud services, they do have an industry setting track record(iPOD? bet you have one)

Things to think about

- What happens if all my stuff is stored on the cloud and Apple gets hacked?

- What do I truly own upon exchanging money with apple for goods and services?

- Apple computers rarely get viruses, does Apple have a security plan for the clowd?

Apple iOS5 and iCloud


History of Hard drives — Wikipedia


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